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Färila year 60-63, Pregnancy Anxiety

Previously at Färila, we had a non-existent wedding party go bad, and a shop that reached level 5. Leif was cheating on Maja, but still managed to get her pregnant. Then there were skilling and promotions for the older generation Lasse and Ida.

The household of Färila is anxiously awaiting the expected arrival of the heir(ess).


Maja is extremely pregnant and is trying to not let her needs drop into the yellow zone. A relaxing bubblebath in the early morning might do the trick.

When finishing her bath, Maja’s labour is starting normally.

And it ends normally too – with a baby girl, born at 6.03 AM on October 3rd ’60. She gets Common name no 9 – Elisabet, without an h.

The girl has her mother’s blue eyes and light skin tone, but her father’s black hair. 1p!

Farmor Ida is busy maxing her skills – she’s Knowledge as we all know (!) and she’s on her way to reaching her Impossible Want.

And it pays off! Ida gets promoted to Chief of Staff at age 71, thereby reaching her TOC and LTW. 2p!

Elisabet gets only her Pappa Leif and Farfar and Farmor as guests at her birthday. Leif dragged home the flu from his shop, and it’s circulating in the family at the moment.


Elisabet grows up into a pretty little dress, and with pretty little hair :). She turns out to be an extremely active, extremely outgoing, but unfortunately mean Aries.

And it seems she’s going to be a big sister. Do we dare hope for another successful pregnancy? Do we even dare hope for a boy?

Elisabet’s tree is a bit complex, as many start to be in Mattsmyra. She’s the daughter of Leif Hartwig and Maja (Benett) Hartwig.

She has also an adoptive half-brother in Max (Johansson) Benett, and a half-sister in Åsa Benett.

Elisabet is the grand-daughter of Ida (Mattsson) Hartwig and Lasse Hartwig, and great-grand-daughter of the late Dan Mattsson.

The expecting couple is having a late dinner of pork chops together after Elisabet has been put to bed. So far the pregnancy is progressing fine. Maja is in her second trimester.

By lunchtime on Sunday Maja has went into her third trimester, and cooked some lunch. Unfortunately it got burnt, but she’s still healthy, and that is the important thing. And there we leave you - with another cliff hanger pregnancy...

Färila after round 17:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Elisabet Hartwig

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