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Hamre year 60-63, Something Old Something New

Previously at Hamre, Tobias Mattsson bought a community lot where he entertained the ladies of Mattsmyra. His niece Lotta Hartwig moved in with him after college and couldn't find a job in the Culinary field, why she studied and doted on her uncle instead.

Lotta has still not found a job in her chosen career of Culinary.


While she’s waiting she’s cooking for her Morbror Tobias, and waits for the flu to pass. They have both caught it somewhere, probably at Färila where Lotta’s parents and brother live.

Finally on the wee hours of Friday, Lotta finds a job as a Restauranteur. She’ll be starting on Friday afternoon. She also has been working on her Ceativity skill and earns a membership card from the Hippie Lady. And finally, she’s well again, so that she can go and buy some much needed new clothes!

Back home, she’s laughing at the style I’m trying for her.

This wasn’t even funny.

Even worse.

Tobias: ”Hey, I’m still sick, I need to use the bathroom!”

Lotta: “Hey, good-looking! You could work as a model! Me likes!”

J68 is not absolutely pleased, but OK...

Tobias has an odd want to woohoo 5 service sims. I have seen it before, but not in my game. Now he’s softening the mailwoman, who looks like the Margareta's from Birka, but is named Carola. I’m not sure how many service sims he already woohooed, but it should be at least 3, since he now wants 5.

And while waiting for Carola the Mailwoman to warm up enough, he’s taking a green-eyed beauty to his hottub.

And Lotta can now take off her thinking cap for good, since she maxed her Creativity skill and have everything she needs to become a Celebrity Chef – including 24 friends!!

I’ve got the phone bug in my game – the one where you miss some service people in the phone book. It works to invite them through a party though, so Tobias threw a sports party and seduced the mailwoman Carola. Apparently he only woohooed four service sims including her, since his 5-want wasn’t fulfilled. On to the fire fighters!

Lotta arrives home promoted to Celebrity Chef at the same time as Tobias got the brilliant idea to plant four flowers and ask for a gardener – it even looks like it will be a female gardener!

To return to Lotta – this is her LTW and it’s TOC – 2p for j68! Lotta is only 30 – a new Mattsmyra record. Her new LTW is to become a Rock God.

With morning, Emelie the Garderner arrives. Unfortunately for Tobias, winter arrived during the night, so Emelie just said that the plants were fine and left, without him even having the time to greet her.

Lotta reconnects with Sebastian now when she reached her career goal. And look at his wants! He wants to marry Lotta! His father Jesper will be SO pleased, it’s his LTW to marry off all his six children.

Better sieze the moment!

Here we go – Jesper is here, so lets get started!

Tobias didn’t even have time to change out of his swimtrunks.

Sebastian looks really devoted to Lotta –it’s great! They both get a bad memory from the ceremony, but it cannot be helped. It’s still a dream date!

And the wedding party is a Roof Lifter when Sebastian and Lotta, Mr and Mrs Montell, are leaving for their honeymoon!


Hamre after round 17:
Tobias Mattsson
Charlotte (Hartwig) Montell
Sebastian Montell

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