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Holmsveden year 60-63, Leaving for University

Previously at Holmsveden, Daniel reached his LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer. The members of the family found their true hobbies and Sofia started dating, mostly David Ottomas. She also had a really hard time to catch up on her homework.

Sofia is taking her boyfriend David Ottomas downtown on a date.


She still likes to noogie him. He’s not always pleased, but lets her do it anyway.

Then Sofia has an animated discussion about basball with the Countess. She would rather finish her meal, than listen to a mean teenager I would guess.

Not to repeat last round’s struggle with the homework, Sofia is now dealing with it daily. Maybe she’s even growing up a bit!

Daniel is pursuing his love of games, playing with some friends, whos names I forgot.

And Alicia reaches the top of the business career track, thereby fulfilling her LTW. 2p!

Now the time has come – Sofia is leaving for Uni, with four scholarships in her pocket. Way to go Sofia!


Holmsveden after round 17:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson

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