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Österås year 60-63, Dating David

Previously at Österås, Vera and Maximilian were stargazing. Nero lit a fire in the fireplace and not on the stove for once.

Nero, the Celebrity Chef, is not always fixing fancy courses, but settles for a bowl of cereal for breakfast.


I see another slow house here, with two elders and a teen that awaits Uni.

Vera goes on a date with three-bolter Ralf, the goth kid. I think he will get himself into this neighbourhood sooner or later.

The date progresses well and Vera gets her first kiss that night. She even gave Ralf a make-over, so that he’s not wearing make-up anymore. He looks much nicer.

Then she goes home to have another date, with David Lind, the heir of Letsbo. Enjoy it while you can, you are both heirs to separate homesteads, so there is no future. Even though she’s got two bolts for him.

The same evening Maximilian, 64, comes home with a promotion to Celebrity Chef, which was his LTW. 2p!

Now he wants to become a Rock God. Too late for that I’m afraid.

Vera continues dating. Since Sofia Mattsson left for Uni and left her boyfriend David Ottomas behind, for now anyway, he’s free game, and Vera seizes the opportunity. She’s got two bolts for him, too.

And now the next girl is leaving for Uni – Vera claims her five scholarships and leaves. See you in Uni!

Österås after round 17:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell

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