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Tallåsen year 60-63, Officer Down

Previously at Tallåsen, the Ceder's got themselves a puppy named Gumman. Agnes was dating and dancing. Her sisters Sofie and Lena shifted places when Lena left for Uni and Sofie came back home to be heiress.

Martin Montell just arrived from college and does what is expected of him.


He’s proposing to his girlfriend Sofie Ceder, and we can plan a wedding!

Here we go! Sofie looks more like she’s heading for a cocktail party, than her own wedding.

Martin’s tying the knot is cause for celebration even for his father Jesper, who's come visiting from Lottefors.
Martin is the last of his six children to get married, even though the readers haven’t witnessed Malva’s wedding yet...

Jesper himself doesn't look overly pleased anyway.
“My work here is done. Now I wish that I could join my beloved Inger in the everafter...”

Agnes is the next girl awaiting her college days. In the meantime, she’s bonding with Gumman, the family dog, who grew up into a hideous poodle.

Then she dates Simon Bardh, without romantic intentions. Just since he’s available and her future intended Georg is in Uni.

And she’s connecting with Martin, her new brother-in-law.

Orlando is still enjoying his time on the treadmill, but he doesn’t have much longer to live. I’m afraid he will leave us this round.

After work on Saturday, he’s taking Gumman for a jog.

And that proves to be the last thing he does. When he’s arriving home, the Grim Reaper is waiting for him. Maria is crushed to lose her love. And there will be no platinum head stone for Orlando either. :(

Orlando Ceder left us on November 18th ’62, at the age of 70, leaving behind his beloved wife Maria, born Berg, and his three daughters Sofie, with husband Martin, Lena and Agnes. He never fulfilled his dream of becoming Captain Hero, but served well as Police Chief at his passing.

Agnes got an invitation to an outing with Simon’s father Cristopher Bardh. He’s certainly setting an example for the young! No more does he set foot on the lot before he’s woohooing our local burglar lady in the photo booth!

Back home, it’s time for Agnes to claim her scholarships for University and leave the nest for good. No matter what happens in Uni, she’s not moving back here.
Here, Sofie and Martin will raise their family. If they’ll have one. Sofie is just recovering from her first miscarriage. Maybe the death of her father was too heavy on her. Only future will tell.

Tallåsen after round 17:
Maria Ceder
Sofie (Ceder) Montell
Martin Montell
Gumman, the poodle


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