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Ovanåker year 60-63, Adding to the Family

Previously at Ovanåker, Stella continued her career as a best-selling author and was star-gazing. She was also dating the married Jonas Carlzon and pretended to be good, inviting her nephews to dinner and watched movies with her brother Daniel.

Stella is starting another novel, a political thriller.


She’s awaiting the arrival of her niece Elisabeth and her fiancé Kevin B, who are moving in here at the end of the round.

Stella’s brother Daniel comes by now and then, and usually they watch movies together.

Stella finishes off her novel, which she names 9_11.

Here comes the First Edition!

It’s an instant hit, of course. Stella is pleased.

She relaxes in the hottub with a few of her lovers between her bestselling novels.

And she even finds time to watch the star constellations when winter come.

And then, at last, Brorsdotter Elisabeth moves in with her boyfriend Kevin Burlin, who dropped the propeller hat when he left college. The couple got make-overs, both of them, and will now start their blissful Family life at Ovanåker.

Ovanåker after round 17:
Stella Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Kevin Burlin


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