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Öljung year 60-63, Skilling is Fun

Previously at Öljung, the twins were skilling. They were also checking out the girls of Korskrogen. Simon wasn't interested, but Noel got involved with Åsa Benett. Thea and Cristopher were only supportive parents and didn't do anything in particular.

Cristopher Bardh comes home from work, fired!


He is, or rather was, an unknown actor, but he did have SOME standards when it came to the script, and said so. It was not appreciated. Cristopher: “Why, why? They don’t see what they miss out on! Look at this perfect jaw line and fair colours. I would be an assett on every set! Why?!”

Simon, his son, is studying hard. He, as well as his brother Noel, is looking forward to leaving for University, which they will do at the end of this round, together with the two Romance girls Vera and Agnes and their Pleasure cousin Sofia.

Thea is working on her second career goal, to become a Criminal Mastermind. She’s now trying to max out her Creativity skill, and she’s having great fun in the process.

Simon the Serious is maxing his Cooking skill. Two down, five to go.

Then he’s maxing his charisma. And what does his equally knowledgeable brother Noel do during all of this?

Well, he’s mindlessly watching TV. At least his cardigan matches the couch and wall.

It’s time for the twins to cash in their scholarships and leave for Uni. Simon’s got five.

And Noel’s got four. Quite a good result for both of them.


Öljung after round 17:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh


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