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Storfallet year 60-63, Unromantic

Previously at Storfallet, we believed we would see some three-bolt romance from Britta and Robin, but we saw only poker. Kerstin and Konrad was a little bit romantic, then she wrote a book instead. The home venue reached level 4.


Fortune sims Britta and Robin suddenly remember that they are three-bolters.


When he arrives home promoted to counterfeiter she greets him with an autonomous make-out session.

It’s only temporary though. Soon they’re back to normal activities, like playing poker together.

”Look, we’ve got customers. I thought everyone was playing tennis at 5 am.”
Daniel Johansson pushes the venue to level 5. The Logren’s show a slight interest.

There is really not much romance at Storfallet, but our Knowledge couple Konrad and Kerstin at least finds the time to have lunch together before they’re heading off to work.

And one rainy afternoon, Robin Logren grows up well to elder. He never had much of a fashion sense, but now I think we need some emergency shopping.

On Saturday, Britta and Robin go shopping. For groceries

And clothes. Robin thinks everything stinks, but it’s actually himself that stinks. His old man bladder didn’t make the trip in the car and the long run to the restrooms at the far end of the mall, so he wet himself. Poor old man, it’s not easy getting older.

Even though the venue is mainly an outdoor gym, the patrons are often found at the poker table. And we reach level 6.

Kerstin continues to write on her book. She also changed her hair colour to please Konrad better. They are now three-bolters. That means we’ve got two three-bolt couples on this lot, and noone ever woohoos. Very strange indeed. Must be because they are Fortune and Knowledge. They are not interested in the flesh.

Storfallet after round 17:
Robin Logren
Britta Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm


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