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Vallsta year 60-63, An Impossible Want

Previously at Vallsta, we fell asleep from boredom.

Christel is calmly accepting a new job in the Architect career, while her fiancé Jonas is trying to burn down the kitchen.


(No, they are not even married, we're in Sweden, remember?)

Later on, when Christel went to work her first day as an Architect partner, Jonas succeeds in fixing the dishwasher without frying himself.

Christel has to pay a fine of 3000§ though, since she hired a designer from Simigistan without the correct papers. She is still promoted to Master Architect

On the last working day of the week, which is Thursday, Christel gets the promotion to City Planner, even though she lacks quite a few logic points. It happened through the shared interest in games between her and her boss.

This is her second LTW, which is a record both for Mattsmyra and for j68. It means we get 1p for TOC, but nothing for the LTW.

Friday, which is a workday for a City Planner, Christel decides to go for her vision when planning a whole new city. And it pays off, she gets a bonus of 50.000§, which pushes her over the limit to her Impossible Want to earn 100.000§. 3p!!

And the round ends with a salmon dinner for two, and a discussion about Jonas’ new career in Athletics.

Vallsta after round 17:
Jonas Carlzon
Christel Garpheden


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