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Korskrogen, Saturday - Wednesday


Inger’s solution for feeding the young ones is to go to Jägarparken on Saturday morning. There she also succeeds in meeting a boy her own age, Nero Montell.

Problem with community lots is that they all get completely exhausted. This will be a tough weekend. I think we need to sell off something at least to be able to order a pizza.

Daniel, being less exhausted of the lot, decides to return the favour of his brother, doing now the homework of Maximilian.

After selling off the sink and gobbling two pizzas, we end up Sunday afternoon with a quite content little family. Inger reads a story to Daniel in anticipation of the twins’ birthday Sunday night.
Hey, who’s paying for the cakes?! We’ll have to find a solution to that, that’s for sure.

Daniel becomes a fortune sim who gets the hots from stench and swimwear but turns off on redheads. LTW is yet to be determined. A fortune Leo, that will be something!

Oh no! Our little precious Maximilian grows up to be a Romance sim. Have you ever heard about such a thing as a Romance Virgo?! Well, well, let’s see what we can do. Turn ons are blonds and redheads, turn off is black hair.

It seems Maximilian is gay too. What do you know? He thinks Nero is really hot. Luckily his sister doesn’t think so.

When all are gone to school, their furniture gets confiscated, due to the unpaid bills. Just when it seemed that life was getting better, all homework done over the weekend etc. 

Daniel has found a girl he likes – Sofie Melinder, and he’s working on getting her to like him too. Seems to work fairly well so far.

He also gets a job at a nursing home, to begin early on his LTW to become Chief of Staff. Let’s hope he can keep the job and maintain his good grades. 

Maximilian finds a job as a dishwasher, starting him off on his route towards becoming a Celebrity Chef. That’s a romance aspiration we can live with.

Another Romance teen in the Johansson household. Livia is extremely much alike her sister, might need to buy a mirror to do some new haircuts for them. But, no room in the family budget for such things, not just yet.
Livia’s turn ons are black hair and fat people, and turn off is make-up. Probably she’ll go for males then. LTW is not clear, and won’t be right now, since this is the end of round 2 in the Johansson household.

EXTRA! EXTRA News Bulletin! Daniel Johansson gets his first kiss in the dark hallway. The lucky girl is Sofie Melinder. END of extra news bulletin. Now the round is over for this family.

Inhabitants at Korskrogen after round 2:
Inger Johansson
Daniel Johansson

Maximilian Johansson
Livia Johansson
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