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Sörbo year 60-63, Stop the Presses!

Previously at Sörbo, Gerd belatedly grew up well to child. Louise was born and grew up to toddler, revealing that she has extra-ordinary statistics. Ingeborg was promoted to Flight Officer and Gerd got good grades. The sisters were playing together. Jerry and Ingeborg were working on another sister for Gerd and Louise.

Ingeborg and Jerry were obviously successful in trying to get Ingeborg pregnant.


Let’s see if she’ll be able to keep it. Her pregnancies have been really rough on her.

Food is served constantly at Sörbo at the moment.
Gerd: “Mamma, do girls really HAVE to wear make-up?”
Ingeborg: “Of course not, Gumman, only if they want to”

It’s time for Louise’s birthday. Ingeborg is not eating or sleeping for once, she’s joking with Leif Hartwig.

The police arrives to break up the party. Guess we left the stereo on after 11 pm. On ordinary days noone cares if the stereo is on at 3am, but if there’s a party, oh, boy, what a disturbance it is!

Luckily, Louise had time to get a piece of her own birthday cake. She looks like a really girly girl compared to her big sister Gerd.

The sisters spend the night before school on Monday at the activity table. Louise maxes her Mechanical skill, without getting an icon over her head. Is she a child protegé?

Gerd is pretty smart, too, coming home with top grades!


On November 1st  ‘63 at 0.01 am, we get sensational tidings from Sörbo.

It’s twins! And it’s boys!

They get Popular names 32 and 88, Adam and Aron. We are overwhelmed, but remember to claim 2p!

They look extremely much alike. The only difference is that Adam has a slightly darker skintone than Aron. J68 is amazed that the random naming system in Mattsmyra gave these boys names on the same letter!

Jerry, who’s a Family sim, of course now wants 10 kids, but j68 and Ingeborg has made a deal – she’s now on birth control. He only needs three to fulfill his LTW anyway.

I think another pregnancy would kill her, or at least the baby. She’s now back to smustling in the living room, and is slowly starting to feel better again after the birth. Ingeborg is not made for having babies.


Sörbo after round 17:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg
Louise Wern
Adam Wern
Aron Wern

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