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Runemo year 60-63, Back to Normal

Previously at Runemo, Märta grew up to child and Barbro and David tried for another baby.

It seems Barbro got pregnant last time.


And that Märta wasn’t as well-adjusted as we thought. She’s not doing her homework properly!

Märta brought her cousin Marcus with her home from school. He’s quite a few years younger than her, but they get along fine just now. Nevertheless, evidently she cannot marry him!

David Lind might suit her when she’s older, though, he’s three years older than her. We’ll see how they get along. If he doesn’t find someone else first.

The Montell siblings haven’t produced a lot of children yet, but that’s fine with me. We want population control! It could be hard to acheive though with Barbro and Anna being Family sims and Simon married to one.

Even though Morfar Jesper and Morbror Simon and Cousin My is visiting, Märta needs to finish her homework. That's what happens when you neglect your duties during weeknights.

David finds that his preferred hobby is tinkering and decides to buy a junk car to fix up. He does it during night time, when Barbro and Märta are sleeping.

Next day over a lunch of comfort soup, Barbro and Märta are talking about the baby.

Märta: “She can have my building blocks, I don’t need them anymore.”
Barbro: “That’s very nice of you, Gumman. But we don’t know yet if it’s a girl or boy”
Märta: “What do you mean, boys don’t use building blocks?”
Barbro: ...

After lunch Barbro takes a shower, and then it’s babytime!

It’s only one baby, and it’s a girl, born on November 14th ’62. She gets common name no 47 – Annika (another one!)

She’s got her mother’s skin and eyes, and her father’s hair.

And before we know it, it’s Annika’s birthday. She has been a fat and happy baby

Annika: ”Hey, I can see the ceiling!”

Annika turns out to be an extremely neat and very nice, but shy Virgo. And with a Not Bad party it’s time to go Downtown and see if the Sandvall girls will have a cousin or two.

Runemo after round 17:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Märta Sandvall
Annika Sandvall

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