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Anckarströmsesplanaden 201 year 60-63, Twice the Fun

Previously at Anckarströmsesplanaden, we had a tragic miscarriage and Anna and Allan were devastated. Eventually Anna got pregnant again.

Anna and Allan are having comfort soup for lunch.


So far the baby’s still there. And the rain is pouring down, making the pictures misty.

In the afternoon it stops raining. Allan went to work and Anna is getting to know their neighbour better. Her name is Anna...

Anna and Anna spend the evening together talking about everything and nothing. Maybe it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

The next morning Anna is in a fabulous mood and takes to dancing. It’ll make the baby happy!

That night it’s time for the baby. Allan doesn’t notice at first, he’s studying mechanics.

It’s twins, again! It’s boys, again! They get Common names no 79 and 98, Oscar and Wilhelm. They are born on the 6th of November ’62. And j68 starts to wonder what's happening with Mattsmyra's demography?

This family really needs a new house. One twin wakes the other up, and both their parents too.

Next round they will buy a house in Mattsmyra and leave Downtown behind.

Taking care of twins is a full time job, really. Feeding, cuddling...

changing diapers…

… and putting to bed. This is Oscar. I can tell from the colour of his eyes. Oscar got brown and Wilhelm blue, otherwise they are identical.

Here’s Wilhelm. He’s getting taken care of too. And Anna is involved in the boys’ upbringing. Just wanted to show the readers that this is an equal relationship, mummy helps out too :)

Birthday! Anna has a way of looking totally happy at times, I love her for that.

Both the boys are growing up with cinematics and all, and then it’s bedtime.Both the boys are Virgo’s like their father, but they still have pretty different personalities. Oscar is pretty neat and quite nice, while Wilhelm is extremely neat and extremely active.

Now the family will move out of this tiny house. See you back in Mattsmyra next round!

Anckarströmsesplanaden 201 after round 17:

Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad


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