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Los year 60-63, Married with Children

Previously at Los, Patric skilled and Emilia cooked Grilled cheese sandwiches.

This round starts off on a more romantic note than we have seen in this house before.


Patric is in a wetsuit since he just arrived home from his job as divemaster

Then Patric goes back to work and Emilia invites her Faster Ida and her family for some grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s a miracle that Emilia is still thin, she’s gobbling down grilled cheese as if there were no tomorrow.

That evening Emilia rolls a want to get a job, any job. She ends up accepting a position as an Adventurer.

Even later that night we find that there has obviously been some risky woohoo at work here. Maybe we’ll have a blond baby – Emilia’s got the blond as a recessive trait.

And after one day of work Emilia goes on maternity leave. Does this feel calculated or what?!

She invites her youngest brother Hugo and her parents to tell the happy news. Her and Hugo end up playing chess all night.

And since we don’t want any more kids to have the name Mattsson, unless it’s the paternal heritage, Patric asks Emilia to marry him. And she accepts.

And the next day they throw the wedding party. Emilia is still pregnant, but I beleive she bought the best corset that money can buy, since it doesn’t show. Patric however starts to fill out from all the grilled cheese Emilia feeds him.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. Patric Carlsson, you may now kiss the bride.

After the honey moon, life returns to the normal pace. Emilia is quite social, always rolling wants to serve meals, preferrably grilled cheese. Here she has invited her brother Georg, who’s in Uni, for dinner.

Then Emilia goes to bed for a couple of hours, only to wake up from labour pains. The baby is due!

It’s a boy! He’s got his mother’s black hair and his father’s blue eyes. He get Popular name no 73 – Love. It has nothing to do with love, but is pronounced Lou-veh, and his birthday is December 26th ’63.

Los after round 17:
Emilia (Mattsson) Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Love Carlsson

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