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Rävkullen year 60-63, A New Life

This is a new lot. Max was last seen graduating from Uni in '59 and Lena in '62.

When Max Benett moved in to Rävkullen (Fox Hill) the family that lived there before had moved out and left an extinguished fire behind.


They never called off the fire department though, so Max gets a lecture and a fine for calling in vain.

Then he passes time hanging out with the neighbours, while waiting for Lena to graduate, and finding a job in the Athletics field.

He also spends time with his recently discovered preferred hobby, Arts & Crafts.


Eventually he also finds a job in the Athletics field, as Minor Leaguer. However, already on the first day he gets promoted to Rookie.

Eventually Lena moves in, behaving like a teenager still. She really loves those computer games! She needs some new clothes. She’s looking too much like Annika Lind.

However, it doesn’t take long for this couple to reconnect in pixel love.

Then, when Max left for work, Lena called her friend Christa to go shopping and have lunch. Lena wants a job in the Military career, but she couldn’t find one today, so better seize the moment and keep in touch.

After the successful outing with Christa, Lena goes home to change her looks and to keep in touch with her many other friends. She was a Big Sim on Campus, so she’s got many connections to keep up with.

Next time we might have a wedding...

Rävkullen after round 17:
Max Benett
Lena Ceder


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