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Naming a population

Naming sims is a hassle, I think, and here I ended up with 17 sims without names. So what to do? I did like the thought of the randomness in the Prosperity Challenge, and decided to do something like that. I started out at random.org , where I ordered 17 random numbers between 1-100.

Next step was to visit the Swedish board of statistics and collect the lists of most common names in Sweden. As an extra spice I also collected the lists of the most popular names of 2007, for kids. Now, armed with these lists, four in total, I decided the naming strategy for my  Mattsmyra sims. I decided that teenagers, adults and elders were to be named after "most common names" and children and toddlers from "most popular names 2007".

I took the random number from my list for each of the created sims, and used the name on the corresponding list. The result was this:

The Mattsson family at Mattsgården
Father is named Dan
Teenage girl's name is Ida
Teenage boy's name is Tobias
Child boy's name is Daniel
Toddler boy's name is Loke
Toddler girl's name is Stella

The Myhr family at Myren
Grandmother is named Berit
Mother is named Lena
Teenage boy is named Evert

The Johansson family at Korskrogen
Teenage girl's name is Inger
Child boys names are Daniel (again!) and Maximilian
Toddler girl's name is Livia

The Berg family at Roteberg
Grandfather is called Hugo
Father is called Magnus
Child girl is called Maria

The Lind family at Letsbo
Single elder male named Hans

Plan for future births is to use a die for which list to use (popular or common) and another table of random numbers for which name. Why make thing simple when you can make them complicated?

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