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Mattsgården year 64-67, A Secret Engagement

Previously at Mattsgården, Hugo made a lot of effort to meet his intended, Engla Ramirez, who he didn't even know existed. He eventually got his first kiss from her. His mother Barbara maxed all her skills, thus reaching her Impossible Want. Geirg moved out to go to University, and father Loke did nothing.

Barbara comes home from work, promoted to Project Manager.


She meets Maximilian Johansson, who she finds hot. Too bad, because 1) He’s gay, 2) She’s married.

Headmaster BJ comes for dinner, for evaluating Hugo. Barbara finds him hot, too.

The dinner goes fine and Hugo is accepted with a good margin.

Hugo, who is Knowledge is of course very pleased.

The next day, Loke gets pleased, too – he gets promoted to Captain Hero!
That is both TOC and LTW for him – 2p!

Hugo celebrates his acceptance in Private School with preparations for Uni. A cell phone is one of the bare necessities any college student have to prioritize.

Then he’s trying to chat up Annika Lind. She’s two years older than him and will be in Uni when he arrives. Could be good to have started the aquaintance already. Or not. Annika doesn’t seem to appreciate what Hugo’s got to say, at all.


In the evening he’s claiming all his four scholarships and head off to University, where we will catch up with his freshman year before this round is over.

 Now we wait for Georg to arrive home...





... and here he is, playing pool while awaiting his fiancé to graduate. We will keep the name a secret for now, not to ruin the Uni update, which is due waaay down in the playlist.

Mamma Barbara and Georg start to reconnect. They have really drifted apart over the years.

Meanwhile, in the first soft snow of December, Loke maxes his body skill. He does so by pursuing his preferred hobby of sports, which he just discovered.

In the evening Loke and Barbara sits down to watch the game, and Loke says comfortingly to Barbara: ”Tomorrow I bet you get you promotion, and then we can both retire!”

Barbara just gazes dreamily off to the distance.


Mattsgården after round 18:

Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Georg Mattsson


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