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Myren year 64-67, A Loved One

Previously at Myren, everyone discovered their love for the culinary arts. Evert were working his businesses well, while Marita reached her LTW by becoming a Criminal Mastermind at the age of 67. Agnes left for University and Britta discovered that she and Rolf were expecting their first child.

Rolf is helping Evert out in his rediculously expensive clothes shop, in hopes of getting the level up.


He looks great in his work wear!

Evert looks great, too. I think he's the most handsome elder I’ve ever had in my game!

At home, Britta is eating and eating. The baby is due any minute now.

Right when Rolf arrives home from work, promoted to Broadway star, the time has come.

Is it the heir to Myren?

Well, if SHE will not have a brother at some point, she’ll be the heiress. The girl is born on October 13th ’65, and gets Common name no 43: Ulrika. She looks very much like her mother with red hair and blue eyes. She’s got a lighter skin tone though, which must come from Evert, Rolf is darker, too. 1p.

Evert is back at his gallery, trying to work it to excellence. Unfortunately I think he won’t have the time.

Britta is a sloppy sim and therefor fear changing diapers. I find that strange, that sloppy sims fear diapers, it should be the neat freaks that feared that. Anyway – there’s a solution to every problem. Britta gives Ulrika a bath instead of changing the diapers. Which is also strange – you need to take away the dirty diaper before you can bathe the baby.

Then the gypsy comes over to drop off a magic lamp. Will we use it? Yes, I think so.

Evert: ”Boy, you’re tall!”

Evert: “Ok, you know I came here as a generation 1 CAS teen with a wish to own 5 top-level businesses. It wasn’t until late in life I had the financial means to try to do something about my dream, and therefore, I never stood a fair chance to acheive it.
Consequently, I wish for peace of mind, so I can leave this earth in peace, despite the fact that I will never fulfill my dream”

Genie/j68: “I never think I ever heard you say so much in one go. Anyway, your wish is granted”

Then Marita maxes her Logic skill

Marita: “Hmm... I’m getting good at this, I have a hard time beating myself!”

Evert: “Yes, Sir, I want to sell my company 'Galleri von Deeg', please."

Evert: ”Well, now it’s done. Man, I feel old. But at least I earned some money from the sales”

J68: Yay, Fortune Impossible Want – Earn 100.000§. 3p!

Britta: ”So you mean that our daughter Ulrika is your parents’ grandchild? How does that work?”
Marita: ...
Rolf: ...
Evert: ...

Evert: "Well, despite that she's stupid, lazy and sloppy, she's still a good mother. I want to remember my daughter-in-law just like this, with her own daughter in her arms"

Rolf: ”Thanks for being such a great father, Pappa!”

Evert: ”My sim! My son has no modesty whatsoever!”

Evert writes: ”Well, my dear readers and fellow artists. I feel the end approaching. This will be my last blog entry. I closed my home business and sold my gallery. I will leave only my shop to be inherited by my family. That one can easily be adapted to any type of business.

I have had a long life and have experienced a lot of things, mostly good, during my life. I am now 77 years old, and feel that it’s time to go. Don’t be sad, and remember to reach for your dreams. You never know when they come true!

 Evert, signing out, for good”

Evert: ”It’s time to go! See you all on the other side!”

Marita and Rolf cry their eyes out. And so does j68. :'(

However sad the recent events have been, life goes on. No one is in a real party mood, though, so there is no party, only Britta and Rolf attending. Marita went to bed, exhausted after her husband’s death. Rolf doesn't put a lot of effort into blowing his noise maker either.

Ulrika is even adapting her mother’s hair style. But pink to that red hair... I’m not sure...

I couldn’t agree with you more, Marita…

However, Marita finds new joy in life, being Farmor to little Ulrika. And one snowless December morning, she teaches her grand-daughter to walk. And there we leave Myren for this round, after the saddest update ever.

Myren after round 18:
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr





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