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Korskrogen year 64-67, Life Stinks

Previously at Korskrogen, the teen girls failed at dating and the rest was boring.

Sofie Johansson was friends with Evert Myhr, who just passed away, and she gets some inheritance from him.


Åsa is gobbling down her breakfast before school.

Caroline decided to skip school on Tuesday, but j68 forced her to do her homework instead of hanging around.

Livia behaves as she always did, ever since she became a teenager.

Then she maxes her charisma skill and is ready for her next promotion. Unfortunately she’s off work for the rest of the round, so no TOC this time

It’s the last night at home for the girls, they are all going to Uni. Caroline wished for a date, and asked David Lind to come bowling with her. She’s got no romantic interest in him whatsoever, but who doesn’t like bowling?

Stina wanted to go on a date, too, but the only guy she knows enough to ask didn’t answer his phone. So Stina is spending her last teenage night alone, in her pyjamas, having a TV dinner. She’s a failed pleasure sim.

Åsa stays in her pyjamas as well, but she goes downtown to buy a cell phone she’s been wishing for forever. Then the scholarship race starts.

And the winner is…. Åsa Benett! Congratulations! Then the girls head off to uni, to start their freshman year in ’67, together with Hugo Mattsson.

That leaves us with three elders and a broken computer at Korskrogen. Daniel takes it upon himself to fix it.

While Livia, still in her thinking cap, gets aquainted with the local wildlife. She could take a second job as a nanny I believe, she’s showing equal qualities.

Yes. The skunk sprayed her. I’m noticing sometimes, and very much now, that Livia has a really impressive nose. Have to check if her children inherited it.

The third inhabitant at Korskrogen, Daniel’s wife Sofie, is coming home promoted to Business Tycoon at age 70. Congratulations! Now both the Johansson’s will retire. And 2p to j68!

And so they do. Behold the work uniforms for the last time. It’s time to pursue hobbies.

Korskrogen after round 18:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson

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