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Roteberg, Saturday - Wednesday

Magnus gets promoted again, to record store clerk, but all he can think about is going to bed. He would prefer to have some company to bed, but haven’t found anyone suitable yet.

His daughter Maria has only one friend, Orlando, but are trying to be friends with Konrad too. Maybe it would be more suitable if she made some girl friends. Well, never mind that, but at least got dressed before inviting boys over. 

Magnus invited a girl over, Kim Thulin. There are two bolts between them. This might be Maria’s new stepmother. But, no rush, one step at a time.

Hugo gets promoted to pick-pocket. To his disappointment that is the highest he can get in the criminal career, being of retiring age.

Maria becomes a teen, growing up very well. Her aspiration is Family. She turns on from stench and formal wear (don't wash your tuxedos boys!), but turns off from coloured hair.

Already the first death in Mattsmyra! Berit got caught by surprise while cooking dinner on Monday. She was 67 years old. She leaves behind husband Hugo Berg, stepson Magnus Berg and stepgranddaugther Maria Berg of Roteberg, daughter Lena Mattsson of Mattsgården and grandson Evert Myhr of Myren. 
As a comfort to Hugo she leaves 10.000 simoleons in her will. Where did she keep them when she was alive?

The money keeps rolling in. Magnus asks Kim Thulin to move in, and she does, bringing 14.000 simoleons! Note the suitable window behind the couple! Also: 1p for j68!

Magnus gets so happy that Kim was rich, he proposes her to marry him. They are both Romance sims, and will probably not like the idea of marriage, but we really need an heir here.

It’s a quiet ceremony. Neither Magnus nor Kim wants this to happen (and also, it didn’t work to invite anyone over the phone). Still, they do get married, and Magnus gets -5000 aspiration points. Good he was in platinum before these unfortunate events, like getting forced to be married.

As a revenge, he stuffs his bride’s face with cake. Lucky for him, since she’s a playful Taurus she doesn’t mind. Now one of the greatest fear of Magnus' is to have a child.

OK, we’re compromising. Let’s take it easy on trying for babies, and just practice for a while. Until next round.

One of the many Casanova’s of Mattsmyra, Tobias in this case, is flirting with the innocent Maria. I really hope he won’t break her family heart! Unfortunately, she’s already got a crush on him.

Inhabitants on Roteberg after round 2:
Hugo Berg
Magnus Berg
Kim (Thulin) Berg
Maria Berg

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