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Roteberg year 64-67, A Long Engagement Ends

Previously at Roteberg, Kim was checking off her Bucket List, since we thought she would die. She didn't. Susanne continued to write successful novels and gave birth to Monica, then fulfilled her LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef, at age 42. She later got pregnant again. Monica grew up to toddler, and Patrik looked great in anything he wore.

Kim Berg is still here, as we noticed last time. Now she’s really preparing to go though.


Kim: “Here, Patrik, I know you’re a good man, even though my stubborn daughter refuses to marry you. Take care of her and little Monica, and the new baby I will probably not see. Have a good life!”

Patrik: “Cool stuff!”

Everyone who had a RL toddler recognizes this situation. The toddler is always sitting exactly where you stand, and risks having their little fingers crushed when you have to move.

In the evening it’s time for Kim to go.

Sebastian on the phone: “Hi, Patrik, is Kim available to talk?”
Patrik: “No. She's having a meeting with Grim”

On the 20th of October ’64, Kim Berg, born Thulin, dies at an age of 81. She leaves behind her daughters Susanne with fiancé Patrik, and Ingeborg with husband Jerry, and five grand-children, ages 2 to 13.

The death of Mormor Kim wasn’t good at all for Monica, who’s due to grow up. She’s in aspiration failure now.

But Pappa Patrik makes it better. (Too crowded house, cannot take pictures with walls up)

Guess what?!

It’s a girl. Surprise! On the 12th of November ’64, Common name no 17, Lena, sees the light of day. It’s the third Lena in Mattsmyra, making this common name no 1 here...

Despite everything else happening, it’s Monica’s birthday.

And here she’s off for her first day of school

After school My and Marcus Montell comes over with their Morfar Jesper to play. My is the closest to a friend Monica’s got. And she really longs to have a real friend.

In the evening it’s birthday time. Jesper in the background is catching up with his daughter-in-law Sofie.

Susanne is getting five days to elder, and the hope for a male heir in this house is out. Therefor Patrik gets his long last wish to get married to Susanne fulfilled.

Lena is attending the ceremony, too. I guess I forgot to take a picture of her before. She’s an active, outgoing, mean Aries. And she has her father’s narrow eyes.

And we round off our visit at Roteberg with a picture of the sisters Lena and Monica playing at their activity table. See you next time!


Roteberg after round 18:
Susanne (Berg) Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Berg
Lena Berg


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