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Letsbo year 64-67, Hobby Pursuit

Previously at Letsbo, Annika went for her two-bolt attraction with Simon Bardh, and got her first kiss from him. Then she woohooed him in the hottub!
David grew up well to teen and found that Vera Johansson is hot. Georg found that his preferred hobby is Arts & Crafts. Allegra was skilling like a normal Knowledge sim.

Georg Lind leaves his sportscar on the driveway and takes his environmentally friendly Captain Hero-commute to work.


Annika is working on acheiving the requirement for another scholarship, she’s leaving for Uni tonight, being the only one in Mattsmyra starting her freshman year in ’65.

David, the ever-partying poularity sim, wants to hang out with his old friend Noel, who’s in Uni now. Unfortunately, Noel has other interests nowadays than hanging out with teenage boys. David is highly disappointed

After the party, which was a success, despite all, Annika is claiming her two scholarships and leaves for Uni. See you there!

Allegra, the mother of Annika and David, is still here. She’s a Knowledge sim though, so she’s always skilling. She’s also working towards her goal of becoming a Criminal Mastermind.

Georg is still here too. He’s pursuing his preferred hobby, Arts & Crafts, sewing potholders all the time

David is a typical popularity sim, always on the phone. He hasn’t had time to make many friends though. Now when he’s an only child we might have time to work on that.

The next day, Georg receives his hobby plaque in Arts & Crafts from the arts lady. 1 p!

Despite their constant skilling and hobby pursuits, the aging couple Georg and Allegra finds time now and again to relax together. Allegra couldn’t see any reason to take off her thinking cap though.

David invites Caroline Johansson after school. They spend the evening in the party parlor, diguised as a garage, jamming together.

And we end this update from Letsbo with a picture of Georg zoning while painting, and Lena Ceder taking advantage of the facilities in form of the ballet barr.

Letsbo after round 18:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
David Lind

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