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Lottefors year 64-67, My Birthday

Previously at Lottefors, Marcus grew up to toddler and then child, looking very much like a Montell. My helped take care of her little brother and taught him nursery rhymes. Carita got pregnant, but sadly enough lost the baby. Jesper was working on his flowering badges and Simon was working a lot at the hospital and was rarely at home. When he was he usually brought his brother-in-law Allan with him.

The Montell household is infected with the flu again.

Carita and Jesper take turns in making comfort soup.

Carita: ”Jesper, you really don’t look well at all. Try to get that soup down and go and have a rest.”

My: ”Mamma, Farfar, I’ve got my report card, I’m doing great in school!”

Carita: “Yay, My! Great job!”

Carita: ”Good job with your homework, Marcus! Soon I’m sure you too will have great report cards. Now, let’s celebrate you sister’s birthday.”

The house is packed with guests.
My: ”I wish for…”

My: ”… a first kiss, a handgame, a brown haired girl with no mechanical skill, and a career as a Rock Godess”

Of course she rolls Romance. I’m getting used to hordes of girls with a Romance aspiration. I would fall off my chair if I got a boy with a Family aspiration, for example. We got one thing that is out of the ordinary though. My is apparently gay.

Jesper: “Martin, as you know, Simon and his family will inherite this house when I’m gone. However, I know that you wish to own 5 top-level businesses. So, here, take the flowers that I made, and I will also give you the deed to the flower shop I started as a side project a few years ago”

Martin: “Wo, Pappa, thank you so very very much! I will run the shop as you would have done!”

When My comes home from school with her new rock star look, she’s having lunch with Farfar Jesper.

Jesper: “Now, My. Be a good girl and stay in school!”
My: “Yes, Farfar, you know I will”

Marcus: ”Farfar, wake up! Look at my great report card!”

Jesper: “That’s great, little man. Farfar is a bit tired these days”

When the coldest days of winter arrived, the Penguin happened to walk by the house. Marcus tried to pet it, and it stood still and seemed to enjoy it!

Everyone in the house, except Simon, wished for a pet, so they got a female puppy named Jiingi. What breed she is we might find out later. Right now she’s just black and tiny.

Jesper spends his last few hours outside playing guitar, and unfortunately getting freezing cold. That’s why he looks black and white. However, he leaves with grandeur, with drink in hand on the 8th of January ’66, at the age of 77.

He leaves behind his son Dr Simon Montell with wife Carita and children My and Marcus, daughter Barbro Sandvall with husband David and children Märta and Annika, daughter Anna Törnblad with husband Allan and children Oscar and Wilhelm, daughter Malva Markövertag with husband Malcolm, son Martin Montell with wife Sofie and son Sebastian Montell with wife Charlotte (Lotta).

He leaves in platinum since he acheived his LTW of marrying off 6 children. Yay, 1p!

Lottefors after round 18:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
My Montell
Marcus Montell

Jiingi, the puppy



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