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Färila year 64-67, Heritage

Previously at Färila, we held our breaths in hope for a successful birth of the heir of Färila. The pregnancy ended in a girl, Elisabet, who also grew up to toddler. Ida skilled and reached the Top of the Medical career track, which was her LTW. Then Maja got pregnant again before the round ended.

Leif is working his shop, awaiting the birth of his second child.


With the help of his Morbror Daniel the shop reaches level 6.


Yihoo! It’s a boy! He gets Common name no 23, Gustav, and his birthday is December 9th ’64 at 7.40 AM.

Big sister Elisabet is still not very big. She’s more interested in singing with Pappa Leif than to pay any attention to her little brother, who will eventually inherite the house instead of her.

In the evening it’s time for Elisabet to grow up. Farfar Lasse takes her to the cake.

Elisabet: ”Now when I’m older, I might be allowed to go to all my relatives wedding parties!”
Amin: “That you might. Good luck with that!”

Leif’s shop is good business. Today he needed to close it early to have time to restock.

In the evening Gustav has his birthday already. His half sister, Maja’s daughter Åsa, is here too.

The poor boy is promptly put to bed, and is not allowed to stay up until his party ends.

This brutality is due to the fact that important things are happening. As soon as Lasse steps out of his Criminal Car Pool car, Grim arrives.

Grim: “Hi there, cutie, I’ve been expecting you for a while. Let’s have some fun together before your wife joins us”
Lasse: ...

Lasse Hartwig dies on the 29th of January ’66, at an age of 72. He leaves in platinum. 1p.

He leaves behind his wife Ida, born Mattsson, his son Leif with wife Maja (Benett) and their children Elisabet and Gustav and his daughter Charlotte and her husband Sebastian Montell.

Leif: ”Pappa died… Look, it’s snowing!”

Elisabet: “Farfar died... Look, it’s snowing!”

Ida deals with her grief by painting. She even maxes her creativity skill in the process.

Ida brought her niece Sofia Mattsson with her home from work. I thought Sofia was still in Uni, but I guess she’s working part time at the hospital.
Sofia and Leif never met before, they both have way too much family, but they get along fine.
And I wanted to show you this picture, since it shows very clearly how strong the Mattsson heritage is – they look like twins, but are first cousins.

Then, more or less exactly one year after her husband, Ida Hartwig, born Mattsson, is taken by the Grim Reaper. On February 27th ’67, Ida leaves this world to be joined with her husband. She was 77, and she leaves in platinum. 1p.


The day after her Farmor’s passing, Elisabet gets a snow day. It’s very convenient, since the homework has been suffering a bit through the recent events with losing both Lasse and Ida within such a short time. You can see from Leif’s and Elisabet’s PJ’s that it is indeed a cold winter.

When the homework is dealt with, Elisabet finds the time to teach her little clone of a brother a nursery rhyme. I DID use the randomizer to avoid that, but I guess I pressed exactly the same amount of times as I did when Elisabet was due.

Färila after round 18:

Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Elisabet Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig


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