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Hamre year 64-67, Sim No 100

Previously at Hamre, Lotta changed her style. After a few tries she was satisfied. Tobias tried, and failed, in woohooing five Service sims, since winter came and he couldn't lay his hands on the gardener girl.
Lotta found a job in the Culinary career and got promoted to the top super fast. Sebastian Montell, Lotta´s love interest, moved in and the couple proceeded to get married, since Sebastian rolled the want. Then they went for their honey moon.

Tobias gets money from Kim’s life insurance, and Lotta from her parents Ida and Lasse.


Sebastian got frozen somewhere between his honey moon and this update.

Lotta and Sebastian’s honey moon was apparently fruitful. Let’s see if we get a baby or a miscarriage here.

Tobias is continuing to entertain the ladies. Sebastian, with his new Romance aspiration wouldn’t mind taking over Beatrice when Tobias is done. Luckily he’s got a three-bolt attraction to his wife too. And to Annika Lind and another college student.

Then Tobias decides it’s time to retire. He’s too old to be running around the soccer field.

The retirement gives him more time to seduce ladies, too. Agnes is hot! A little young for Tobias, but who cares? Obviously not him, and probably not her either.

The house has been rearranged and a second floor added. That means that the family now have room for a kitchen table, and don’t have to sit in the sofa when having dinner. Lotta’s pregnancy progresses fine so far, she’s already in the third trimester.

Lotta: “I wonder if Morbror Tobias will leave us before the baby is due?”
Sebastian: “nomnom – did you say something?”

In the evening it’s time.

Lotta: “Yo-ho!”
Tobias: ”Hey, Sebastian, something’s happening!”
Sebastian: “Um... Did you say something?”

It’s a boy! Meet Popular name no 99, Christoffer, born on the 8th of February ’67. He’s got the classical Mattsson colouring with black hair and brown eyes, just like his mother.

He is also sim no 100 in Mattsmyra!

Lotta and Sebastian are wasting no time to reconnect after their son’s birth. But mostly I took this picture to illustrate how colourful this couple is. Lotta’s dyed purple hair matches Sebastian’s natural red perfectly.

Sebastian’s sister, Christoffer’s faster Anna, the Family sim, is coming by to meet her new nephew. She takes the opportunity to feed him a bottle too. You might think that she would be busy with her own twin boys, but apparently not.

Grim: ”YOU! Don Tobias, it’s your turn to go to the other side.”
Tobias: “Oh yeah! Your dance girls look really great, I’m coming!”

Tobias dies on February 26th, 364 days after his twin sister Ida. He leaves behind his brothers Daniel and Loke with families, his sister Stella, his half-sister Thea with family, and nine nieces and nephews. He dies in Platinum, 1p for j68.

Hamre after round 18:

Charlotte Montell
Sebastian Montell
Christoffer Montell



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