jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Holmsveden year 64-67, Platinum Life

Previously at Holmsveden, Sofia was dating David Ottomas and noogied him. Then she actually finished her home work and left for Uni.
Alicia reached the top of the Business career, thereby fulfilling her LTW. Daniel was nowhere to be seen.

With Sofia off to Uni, Daniel and Alicia have all the time in the world to themselves.


I see a slow round ahead.

Since Daniel already reached his LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer, he’s pursuing his preferred hobby of Games in his free time. His nephew Leif is here, and a local townie named Madeleine.

And in the evening he’s soaking in the hottub with his lovely wife Alicia and whatever friends remain in the house.

Alicia wants a new career before she’s too old, and accepts a position in the athletics field. She’s also working towards her Impossible want to earn 100.000§, and offers financial advice over the internet.

Then it’s time for dinner out. They don’t have cloak rooms at Londoste apparently.

And then it’s time for Alicia to grow up to elder. And since she’s already in platinum mood she grows up very well.


Holmsveden after round 18:

Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson



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