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Österås year 64-67, Two Old Men

Previously at Österås, Vera was dating, got her first kiss, and moved off to University. MAximilian reached his LTW of becoming a Celebrity chef at age 64, and Nero was serving cereal

With time, Maximilian and his lover Nero has grown to look like clones of each other.


If Holmsveden was a calm house this will be even worse. We start with the old men having the flu, so no action whatsoever, and no guests!

When Maximilian gets well, he’s looking for star constellations to gain more science points, which is his preferred Hobby. It’s the hardest hobby to get up in in my opinion.

Nero is still not well, but he’s working on his hobby, which is Arts&Crafts, anyway.

Nero skips work to be able to stay home and flirt with Cristopher Bardh. Cristopher is married to Thea (Mattsson), but he wants to woohoo 20 different sims. Nero wants to have 20 simultaneous lovers. You got to start somewhere.

And here they go.

The next day Maximilian stays home, trying out something new – to flirt with a woman!

And he scores too!

The next day they both go to work, and arrives home after dark, in the last snow of the winter. They both have fancy work uniforms, which I had to show you.

Next time it will be spring, and Vera will come home from Uni.

Österås after round 18:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell


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