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Tallåsen year 64-67, Losing One, Gaining One

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin, Sofie's fiancé moved in, and they got married, leaving Martin's father Jesper in Platinum mood for the rest of his life. Sofie also got pregnant, but lost the baby in connection with her father's death.
Agnes was dating and moved to Uni. Orlando took his last jog and his last breath and died, without leaving a platinum stone and his wife Maria went to pieces.
The family dog, Gumman, grew up to be a blond poodle.

Martin goes to “Bara blommor och mera”, the flower shop he got from his father Jesper.


In only a couple of hours the shop reaches level 1. Martin is working on stocking the shelves.

Sofie, who finally found a job in the business career track as a Senior Executive, spends her free time at the piano and maxes her Creativity skill.

Then we all of a sudden realize that Sofie’s pregnant. Let’s hope it ends better this time.

The Mormor to be, Maria, is working on her flowering badges, and has reached bronze. The produce will be used in Martin’s shop of course.

Martin has bronze badges in stocking and flower arranging, but he could really use one in register, too.

Barbro: ”Come on, little brother, let me hug you for making good use of Father’s Best of the Best Award”
Martin: “Eww! Don’t touch me, it’s enough that my wife wants to cuddle me!”

Martin works his shop to level 2, and also earns a bronze badge in register, finally.

Back home, it’s time for Maria to go.

And at exactly the same time Sofie pops a second time.

Maria Ceder, born Berg, leaves behind daughter Sofie with husband Martin Montell, daughter Lena with husband Max Benett, and daughter Agnes. She was 69 at the time of her passing on January 20th ‘65 and will be missed by the Mattsmyra community.

It's babytime!

On February 10th ’66, a bouncing baby girl is born. She gets Popular name no 87, Melissa, and she’s got brown hair and blue eyes, like the Berg family, her Mormor Maria’s family.

And we leave you with this picture of a lot of bathing going on at the same time. Sofie’s giving Gumman a bath, at the same time as Benjamin Lång gives Melissa one. It’s amazing that he’s not married into any of the families yet.

Tallåsen after round 18:
Sofie Montell
Martin Montell
Melissa Montell
Gumman, the poodle


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