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Ovanåker year 64-67, Kitchen Party

Previously at Ovanåker, Stella wrote a best-seller, watched movies with her brother Daniel and had some lovers. Elisabeth and Kevin moved in.

Upon opening the lot, we immediately find family-oriented Elisabeth going to pieces.


She just heard that her Farbror Tobias AND her Faster Ida left this earth. It’s just too much to bear for this recently converted Romance sim. –1p

Luckily she’s got her own Kevin B to make everything better.

Then Kevin does what he knows Elisabeth wants, and asks her to marry him. Of course she says yes!

Stella on the other hand, is not particularly taken by her brother's and sister’s passing, but calls Daniel Gille for a woohoo in the hot tub.

Nevertheless, Kevin and Elisabeth wastes no time in getting married. I think Elisabeth forgot to get rid of her Romance formal wear. The wedding date is December 3rd ’64.

You know how parties usually end up in the kitchen? Me too, but this is really silly!

And it’s getting worse, too. I didn't even bother to name tag them all.

The wedding is a success, and Mr and Mrs Burlin is taking off for their honeymoon.

After the honeymoon, both Stella and Elisabeth want a kitten, and so a girl kitten is adopted from the pound.

And from the moment Sara arrives to Ovanåker, Elisabeth loves her dearly.

Stella invites her twin brother Loke, who is also Elisabeth’s father. He arrives together with his son Georg, Elisabeth’s brother, heir to Mattsgården. Then she pretends like it's raining.

Loke stayed in the poorly insulated attic a little too long, but Kevin invites him to warm up with hot chili con carne.

Stella leads her own romancing life, parallel to the family life of the newly-wed. She takes Gilbert Jaquet to the science hobby lot for a date.

Gilbert: ”Help! This elderly woman tries to kiss me! I want to kiss her and make out with her, but she’s trying to kiss me in slow dance, that’s SO wrong!”

Another Drama King in Mattsmyra?? Please note that he’s got blond eye brows – he’s dying his hair!

It’s a good date, despite the kissing failure, and they leave the lot still fanning themselves over each other.

Then Stella is indulging in her science hobby interest and starts producing a virus. Before she can do something dangerous with it she's destroying it.

Surprise! Elisabeth is pregnant. She wasn’t sick even once. Hopefully this will work out fine

And the update ends with the little family sharing a meal, prepared with tomatoes that Kevin had in his backpack since Uni. Elisabeth has had a really easy pregnancy so far, and the hope for a successful birth remains. The baby is not due until ’68, though, and will be 8 years younger than its sister Rut, hanging around in Uni as a pre-mature YA. You can see her in the wedding pictures.

Ovanåker after round 18:
Stella Mattsson
Elisabeth (Mattsson) Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Sara, the kitten


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