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Öljung year 64-67, A Romancer Set Loose

Previously at Öljung, Cristopher lost his job and did nothing constructive the rest of the round. Simon and Noel were skilling and left for college. Thea was working for her next career goal of becoming a Criminal Mastermind.

Cristopher is going through a mid-life crisis. He lost his job in acting and would like to go to the Music or Slacker career, but cannot find an opening in either of the fields.


He also has a lifetime want to woohoo 20 different sim, but so far has not even reached five.

“I met Thea when I was too young” he thinks. “I need to widen my horizons”

He starts with asking Allegra Lind for a date. He instantly falls in love with her, despite the fact that she’s a Knowledge sim.

She’s not easily seduced, though, she’s rejecting him for a make out. He tries the backrub instead. Please note Mrs Crumplebottom entering left.

She accepts that, but Mrs Crumplebottom doesn’t approve.

“You’re a married woman for Sim’s sake!”

He is married too, but apparently that doesn’t matter.

They go inside again, and just as Cristopher gets Allegra to fall in love with him, Mrs Crumplebottom goes for him, too.

Cristopher is not one to give up easily, so he persists in seducing Allegra, right there. Barbro Montell is a bit too close by you could think, but Cristopher doesn’t care.

He even convinces her to try out the fitting booth with him…

Mrs Crumplebottom doesn’t approve, but unfortunately Allegra falls in love with Cristopher. It can be complicated down the line.

While her husband is out fooling around, Thea is studying. She studies so well she maxes her mechanical skill.

And during the night Allegra comes by with a gnome.

The next victim is Annika, Allegra’s daughter, who wants to be engaged to Cristopher, even though she’s a Romancer herself.

Mrs Crumplebottom doesn’t approve of this union either.

It doesn’t stop these three-bolters though.

Then his college friend Madeleine Palmquist.

The science hobby lot has a sofa in their display window, and Cristopher and Madeleine put it to good use. He's really checking off his candidates now.

So far the strategy with the ladies works fine.

And Thea, who suspects nothing, is giving financial advice over the internet.

Ans then at age 52, she’s reaching the top of the Criminal career, which is her second TOC. 1p!

Now she wants six pets to reach their TOC. I don’t think so.

Ölung after round 18:

Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh



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