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Storfallet year 64-67, A Cold Winter

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Oct. 10th, 2009 | 06:27 pm

Previously at Storfallet, the residents played poker, had lunch and went shopping. Robin grew up well to elder and Kerstin started writing a book. The home business, the outdoor gym, reached level 6.

No news on the Western Front.


Robin Logren is keeping in touch with his friend Thea Bardh, and finds that she just reached the top of her criminal career. He himself got promoted to Smuggler today. Bet there is a connection between those two events.

When Britta Logren, Robin’s wife, started to work in the Natural Science career, she realized that she liked the concept of Nature and started a green house. Maybe she can start a home farmer’s market when she’s getting better.

Konrad Platz, who lives here too, gets promoted to fashion photographer and states that he has had a great week.

And the last inhabitant of this household, Kerstin, Konrad’s fiancée, is working out any chance she gets, she wants to get fit.

She was promoted to cat burglar today.

Alicia Mattsson and Britta Myhr are pushing the company up to lv7 by playing pool in the snow. It reminds me of the Drew Carey show, he plays pool in any weather at his outdoor pool table.

Robin’s book is published, but he’s disappointed in the results. It’s not a best-seller. It’s not a bad seller either, but mediocre.

He decides to write a new book, on how to make money instead. He should know, he’s a Fortune sim.


At the left here we can see the downside of having an outdoor business when it’s winter. Catarina the townie froze when she was here last, and didn’t thaw until she came back.

Britta Myhr is a real slob, as we know. Now she’s also a frozen slob, and hungry. She has no problem whatsoever to check the trash can for some goodies.

And Britta earns her bronze badge in gardening.

The resident Britta has to fix the watering pipes in the green house to be able to set foot in there to tend to her tomatoes. That seems to be the only water breaking in this house. No babies in sight.

As you can see. The incredibly skinny Kerstin is promoted to Counterfeiter and continues to work towards the top.

The cold of winter is hanging on. We now study the moment closest to affection we get in this house with two three-bolt couples. Britta is waiting patiently for Robin to quit play pool so that she can kiss/caress him, while Kerstin, in the exact same outfit waits patiently to talk to Britta.

Storfallet after round 18:
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm
Britta Logren
Robin Logren


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Comments {10}


(no subject)

from: lizbeth120
date: Oct. 16th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)

I always find the complete lack of action in this house pretty amusing. Although, I'm sure it's boring to play. It's kinda bizarre to see Robin as an elder while all the other inhabitants of the house are still adults. How did he get so much older?

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: Oct. 19th, 2009 06:19 am (UTC)

I grew him up with "AgeCheat" before I had Freetime and Uni, and that left him at 15 days to elder, directly from teen. It was also before I knew BoolProp.
I'm learning a lot of work-arounds by playing prosperity :)
But this is not considered cheating even according to the rules, since it says that "if a feature is included in an expansion that you don't own you can use a cheat that gives the same effect"

Robin had to pay with a very short adult life though. It was the same with Nero, Maximilian's lover, but they are closer in age, so it doesn't show so much.

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