jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Vallsta year 64-67, Do What You Want

Previously at Vallsta, Jonas had kitchen fires and dish washer tinkering. Christel took a job in the architect career and quickly reached the top of the career path. She also acheived her Impossible Want of earning 100.000§.

In this house we have romance, despite the fact that we have an all Fortune couple. Christel acheived two TOCs and her IW already, so question is what to aim for for her next.


Jonas had only one TOC so far, but is working on his second. When he’s not flirting with his fiancée. Yes, this couple is still living in sin, since none of them wished for a wedding, and their last name doesn’t matter.

We go with the flow here, and do an experiment of letting the sims have their will.

Christel starts her day off work with ”inviting someone”. Someone in this case is Maja Hartwig, next in line to be friends with Christel. They spend some hours playing bowling in Christel’s backyard.

She’s continuing to ”play computer game”, while Maja is still in the house.

and “play video game”. From her wishes you would guess she’s a Pleasure sim with an OTH of Games, but she’s not. She’s Fortune with an OTH of Tinkering.

Jonas comes home from work eventually, with the wish to earn 37.500 §. He's way behind his industrious fiancée. He starts with offering financial advice over the internet.

And he reaches the top of the Athletics career at age 47, but really hates that it snows. Again! Jonas is fed up with the winter, but invites his friend William from work to distract him.

And he DID get his second TOC, which qualifies this prosperity challenge to 1 more point!

Vallsta after round 18:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon



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