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Sörbo year 64-67, Birthday Season

Previously at Sörbo, Ingeborg was pregnant and gave birth to natural twins Adam and Aron. Louise grew up to child and maxed her mechanical skill. Gerd had good grades and Jerry wanted 10 children after the birth of his sons.

Right before school Gerd remembers that it’s her birthday.


Her ever loyal sister Louise is cheering her on.

She chooses the path of happiness through a Family aspiration. That was a while ago since we had that aspiration! She turns on from highly charismatic boys with custom hair, but turns off from hats. Her LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens. That's a new one!

As every teen before her, Gerd finds it essential to own a mobile phone, thus leaving for City after school to buy one. She’s really fit and looks great in her outfit that the game gave her.

She meets the gypsy at the store and asks for a high value date.

She gets an adult man, named Richard Cormier. He looks like the Olof Palme guy who crashes everyone’s house, but that one is called Gabriel. I’ve never seem this one before. Well, maybe for later, but not now, Gerd is 13 years old! She goes home.

When Gerd returns home it’s time for her little brothers’ birthday. Pappa Jerry is at work, so Gerd helps Adam to grow up, while Mamma Ingeborg helps Aron.

Aron turns out to be an extremely neat and very active Virgo, gnawing away at his building blocks.

While Adam is an active and mean Scorpio. Here he looks like a little angel though, with his baby dance.

Since Gerd wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens, she starts with taking a female puppy from the pound. Then she needs to go to school, so Ingeborg has to teach Alfa not to be hostile.

But when Gerd comes home from school she takes her responsibility and arranges food and a dog house for Alfa.

Louise spends the weekend with her best friend Elisabet Hartwig. They are such good friends that they decided to have the same hairdo, like real BFF’s.

Before we know it it’s time again for the twins’ birthday. Aron goes first.

And he grows into a wide jaw and a yellow shirt. His eyes are very gray, a small difference from all the others in this hood.

Then it’s Adam’s turn.

He grows up into a fuzzy haircut and an apron. Too bad his preferred hobby isn’t Culinary.

And here we end the update from Sörbo, where Pappa Jerry lived his life totally off screen. See you next time.


Sörbo after round 18:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg
Louise Wern
Aron Wern
Adam Wern
Alfa, the puppy





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