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Strandbrynsvägen 407, A Special Scolarship

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Engla continued her relationship with Hugo Mattsson of Mattsgården. Elin learned all her toddler skills and grew up very well to child. Elin also bonded with Märta Sandvall, who cheated in chess.
Mrs Ramirez, Lisa, left this world without getting a platinum headstone, and her husband Checo broke down from grief.
Elmer and Tessa didn't do much of interest.

Tessa and Elmer Tång skip work on Monday, and spends the morning hours discussing all the new electronics they just bought.


The view from their bedroom is fantastic, with the lake right below the lot.

When Engla arrives home from school, Morfar Checo invited Hugo Mattsson over from Uni. Engla expresses her worry about her grades dropping due to that Hugo isn’t in her class anymore.

Engla: “Anyway, I’m preparing for Uni now, I will be there soon”

Then she plays chess with newly grown-up Gerd Berg to gain some logic skill, but since they are teens they talk more than they play.

Tessa on the other hand, is studying hard and maxes her mechanical skill.

And also little Elin is working on her mechanical points, by building fabulous houses from building blocks.

And in the evening Engla goes outside to continue her pursuit of Logic skill, and suddenly hears a strange sound in the air….

Her father and grand-father know what it means, and they are not pleased.

A few hours later, as it usually goes, Engla is dropped off again on the sidewalk.

Engla is knowledge, and therefor thinks it was an awesome experience, despite all. Checo worries himself sick, and Elin thinks it’s great that Engla had the opportunity to meet her real father!

Engla’s scolarship panel is worth 5000§! I think it’s a record. Especially that she has both the footwork scolarship and the abduction scholarship, and from a completely natural abduction, too!

And at the same time as Engla is packing her stuff to go to Uni, her Morfar Checo draws his last breath. Since the family bought a lot of new stuff lately, he goes in Platinum. 1p!

He leaves on the 20th of Februay ’66 and leaves behind his daughter Tessa with husband Elmer, and his grand-daughter Engla, 20, and step-grand-daughter Elin, 8.

With the household now getting very small, the calm is re-established. And we will finally be able to go to Uni and do this round’s update there!

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 18:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Elin Tång


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