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University year 64-67, Part 1

Previously in Uni we had chaos divided in two parts. 1 2
We will keep to that tradition even in this update.

Year 64

Sofia Mattsson, Pleasure, arrives to Uni accompanied by her father Daniel. She’s moving into the Landgraab dorm with...



Vera Johansson, Romance, and Agnes Ceder, Romance

the Bardh twins, Noel and Simon, both Knowledge

and, ladies, and gentlemen – introducing –

David Ottomas, Popularity, and Ralf Lilja, Pleasure, invited by Sofia and Vera respectively.

Yes, my dear audience. These persistent boys finally made it into playable status!
There are many three-bolts and Romance sims here, so let the Uni drama unfold with the help of ACR...

The first couple in love is Vera and Ralf. They had a relationship already as teens, and it was her inviting him. In addition they’ve got three bolts, so no surprise there!

All seven of the students applied for the greek House and was accepted eventually. Noel was the last one in. He’s not amused whatsoever. I thought Knowledge sims loved college. Maybe he rolled the wrong aspiration as a teen and should have been Pleasure? He loves watching TV!

Now, let’s move on to the Greek House!

At the GH, Kevin R just graduated without honours. He is one semester ahead of his girlfriend Agnes and will move back to Mattsmyra to wait for her at a new lot.

When these two moves out there will be room for the next batch of kids in the GH.

As soon as they all moved in, Vera hit the hottub, but not with Ralf. This is another blondie, Tony, which has been a hang-around member of the GH since from the very first years. Lucky for him he hasn’t been aging

And here comes Ralf, clueless.

Ralf: “Boy, I’m hungry. Hi Tony!”

The GH is a Family reunion. The Bardh boys are cousins with Agnes by Lena (Myhr) Mattsson.

And Sofia is cousins with Georg and the Bardh’s, by Dan Mattsson

No, Georg, don’t eat that!

That’s better! It’s even Agnes, his intended


The other Agnes, Myhr, is graduating and moves back to Mattsmyra to get married to Kevin R. She graduates Cum Laude in History and is using her winter clothes even though it’s summer. It's winter back in Mattsmyra, though, so it figures


Year 65

Annika Lind arrives to the Dorm with a computer bug, and with her father Georg Lind, the first Uni student of Mattsmyra. This is the second generation of Mattsmyrians coming to Uni, amazing!

She wastes no time to reconnect with her intended, Simon Bardh. The only things she did while waiting for him was claiming a room, starting her birth control and changing into her fantastic workout wear.

This couple has got two bolts for each other, despite the fact that he’s Knowledge and she’s Romance, that’s really something!

Annika has a hard time having any fun at the dorms, and the Greek House consists of a lot of people she doesn’t know too well yet.

She has tried and failed twice to be accepted. Now in the waiting time she starts a garden at the dorm, since her preferred hobby is Nature. Then she’s grooving out with her MP3-player in the middle of the tomato plants, and the random domie walk-by seems to think she’s nuts.

Then, that same afternoon, she finally succeeds in being accepted. Third time is the charm.

  The Greek House year 65-66

The Greek house is insane as usual. If someone gets the idea to cook dinner everyone is coming in to gobble it down, in their everyday clothes, pyjamas or underwear, it doesn’t matter. David is even doing his assignments in the middle of dinner.

Georg Mattsson decides to change his aspiration from Pleasure to Knowledge after sophomore year. His new lifetime wish is to become the Education Minister, and he consequently changes his major to biology.

Meanwhile, his intended Agnes Ceder is falling madly in love with Simon Bardh in the upstairs bedroom. Georg and Agnes are already mad at each other for her indiscretion with Simon’s brother Noel. Where will this end?!

Probably it will end with Georg marrying someone else than Agnes, he totally lost his attraction to her when he changed his aspiration. Maybe it’s just as well. He does have a newly found attraction to the other Agnes, Myhr, but she’s already hooked up with her three-bolter Kevin R. Well, Georg, we’ll see what we can find out for you.

Now when there's room, Simon asks his hot girlfriend Annika to move in to the Greek House, and she does.

It doesn’t take long, though, until her Romance personality shows. Simon is very unpleased.

On another front we have a couple who made up, namely Georg and Agnes. And two bolts are back. We’ll see how long it lasts.

After his sophomore year Ralf decides to change his aspiration to Knowledge. His new LTW is to become a Mad Scientist, and he changes his major to Physics.

And Noel, who was never a happy Knowledge sim changes his aspiration too. Actually I think Romance suits him better. Let’s see what happens with everyone’s attractions after this. Noel gets the same aspiration as his father – to woohoo 20 different sims. We’ll see about that. He changes his major to drama, just because i think it suits a Romance sim better than Physics.

Sofia and David takes their relationship to the next level. This is the pairing up I intended.

And not five minutes later, he’s at it again with Agnes. I'm innocent!

Is this a brothel or a Greek House, I’m just asking! Agnes goes from her encounter with David, to another one with Noel.

Annika decides to get a new look, and later finds that Noel with his new Romance aspiration is as a matter of fact three bolts hot!

When Agnes is in class, Noel takes on Annika, too.

Noel: ”I love you Vera, my Sim, I’m hungry!!”
Vera: “I guess I love you too, Noel”
Agnes: “Call me!”

And we continue with part 2



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