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University year 64-67, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Spring arrives to the Greek House, and I am completely confused with what to do with this generation of sims.


I must say that Uni has become an entertainment I look forward to nowadays. This picture features Agnes Ceder, talking on the phone with the hottest man in the Simiverse, Tobias Mattsson.

We also see Annika Lind in the back, throwing a fit of some kind. And last but not least, four GH members who don’t live in the house. It’s always full here!

Agnes takes action on her attraction to Tobias Mattsson and invites him to the GH. It suits them both fine with a casual encounter. I know that you know that Tobias is dead by now, but this happened before his death, obviously. It's only in Sims 3 you can woohoo with ghosts.

Simon has not become a vampire, even though it looks like it.

It’s a cold spring this year. Simon and Annika spent too much time in the attic jamming, and took on a bluegreenish skin tone. He looks happy anyway, I guess they had fun.

Oops! In the general mayhem David missed his finals, and is now on academic probation. He will have to repeat one semester of his Junior year!

And here is the answer we've been waiting for since the Mattsgården update -

Georg is close to his graduation now, and makes sure that he marks Agnes for himself. They have been through a lot, but yes, they are back on track. With her five three-bolters she will hardly be faithful though, a fact that I believe Georg has to live with.

Look how thilled he is to have graduated. Maybe he doesn’t like that Agnes will stay here another year without him. Anyway, he graduates SCL in Biology, 1p to j68!

Year 67 – Pine Cone Dorm

And just as Georg leaves, Hugo arrives to the Pine Cone Dorm, accompanied by his and Georg’s father in the year 67

He’s closely followed by the Korskrogen girls Caroline, Åsa and Stina, and Engla Ramirez, his intended

They don’t waste any time to get reconnected. Engla didn’t even have time to start her birth control!

Luckily there was no conception. Then dorm life moves on per its usual pace, with all the youngsters trying to get into the Greek house. Engla is the first one to be accepted.

Next is Stina. She knows Vera and Annika since before, so it’s easier for her.

And Hugo goes next, trying to schmooze Vera properly.

In the middle of Greek House try-outs, Engla maxes her enthusiasm in Music and Dance and earns a plaque, 1p.

Then the try-outs continue, with Caroline, finding Sofia at last, to build relation to her.

Unfortunately she needs to go to class before she can get accepted, so she needs to try again.

And when Caroline succeeds, it’s Åsa’s turn. Ralf has been the leader of the pack in all the five pledge’s attempts, and he’s the last one for Åsa to schmooze. It's not all easy.

Ralf: "Talk to the hand!"

After this the pledges would usually move to the Greek House, but it’s so crowded there that they need to wait for some people to graduate first.

And while waiting for the finals and for an open slot in the Greek House, Åsa relaxes in the hottub, with her nowadays Romance boyfriend.

After freshman year the ‘46ers have the following track record:

Caroline Johansson – Pleasure - Art SCL
Engla Ramirez – Knowledge – Political Science SCL
Hugo Mattsson – Knowledge – Mathematics SCL
Stina Johansson – Pleasure – Drama SCL
Åsa Benett – Fortune – Business SCL

Year 67 – The Greek House

Year 67 at the Greek House starts out calmly. Annika Lind is playing ball with Noel Bardh.

She could have done something else with him, like she did before, with him, his brother and his father.

We also have nightly jamming sessions, awaiting the 43’ers to graduate.

And some Romance drama of course. Annika is flirting with Tony, the hang-around, when Noel’s watching. Who is he to have an opinion? He wants to woohoo 20 sims.

And he soon finds comfort in Åsa, who adores him, poor girl. Maybe she doesn't know he changed his aspiration?

WT…? I have no idea what happened! Was Vera fooling around with Åsa, as Ralf’s thought bubble implies?! I didn't know any of them to be bi.

Then the graduation parties start. Sofia Mattsson goes first, graduating Cum Laude in Philosophy. Imagine that this young lady, who had such a hard time through basic school gets a grade like that, it’s amazing!

She's moving back to Holmsveden, to her parent's mansion.

Then it’s Simon Bardh’s turn. He graduates Summa Cum Laude in Physics. 1p!
Simon will inherite Öljung and thus moves back to his parents too.

Vera Johansson is trying to mend things with Ralf before their graduation, but he’s less than responsive, which sends her over the edge.
–1p. She still manages to graduate Summa Cum Laude in Psychology. 1p. She moves back to her fathers at Österås in Mattsmyra in a miserable state.

Agnes Ceder is next. She graduates Summa Cum Laude in Art. 1p. She’s already engaged to Georg Mattsson and will move in with him and get married at Mattsgården.

Noel Bardh is graduating Magna Cum Laude in Drama. He might need his talents in the future, being a Romancer of the worst kind. Also he should stop wearing red, it’s not his best colour! He will start a new lot in Mattsmyra.

And last in this batch of students is Ralf Lilja, the emo kid, who came to Uni with Vera Johansson, but he’s leaving on his own, since they had a fall out. He also failed in school, graduating without honours in Physics. It will be interesting to see what will happen with him later on in life. Firstly, he will be a room mate to Sofia and later hopefully David. He's very good friends with both of them, and has not been in bed with any of them either.

Annika bids a last farewell to Ralf before he goes. Another notch in the bedpost for both of them.

All these graduates leave only Annika Lind and David Ottomas in the Greek House. David was supposed to have graduated, too, but ended up with an academic probation for one semester Junior year, therefor he has another semester to go. The Greek House will not be empty for long though, the five 46’ers will move in any minute!

Let the next era begin!



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